A Kind of Quiet

It is a different kind of quiet; a
moment frozen, a full restaurant
conversation hanging loudly, ear
level like smoke it swirls around
like brightness it presses against
a kind of quiet in her eyes her
lips her demeanor slides against
me through me and I feel the
quiet close up and intimate…she

A frequency arises, lulled and
frenetic the softness iterated with
bold shifts in conversation sound music
background pressure rises and
falls as eyes connect fall away, re-
connect again and again, a small
shift in seat in time in place and
the brushing of a knee…the motion
of a waved gesture and
I smile

Noise and pressure behind now the
night in front; a destination elusive
and always the leading edge of
tomorrow…typical New York streets
welcome wandering, embracing
discovery; she returns the focus to
knowing not knowing what is felt
seen heard…the town car carries
them toward a place they both
hope has smiles

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