The Other Side Of Now

Space, where we are…work play where

we breathe where we live consists of

time and motion sometimes stopped

always moving slow slow slow some-

times but it is fungible…it bleeds across

understanding across moments waiting

for meaning and always there no matter

where we are we are there


Time stains us with mitigation and with

graduations of yesterday today tomorrow

while speeding ever speeding toward

the other side of now, the minute lost

tossed and put away until motion and

meaning, movement and maintenance all

conspire toward an end state proposed

and ultimately completed.


Us as we stare across the divide between

time and space knowing knowing knowing

that they are flip side coins spinning in the

great nothing…in the emptiness between the

something we call life call living call when we

call anything…time, space, us all vibrating all

everything and nothing moving with and for,

against and simply here and now.

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