It Is Not

It’s not Zen not spiritual not anything but

life love living within and without thinking

that strength and weakness are merely

perspectives of the same thing the same

idea feeling motion toward an end that is

a beginning always always


It is not madness nor mindlessness but a

need to connect to choose to find the limit

to thinking having feeling while nobody and

nothing exists between now and tomorrow

between here and then we are all singular

and plural


It is not vulnerability when our weaknesses

give us the strength to be who we are when

who we are is only what we have in our souls

hearts minds…really what today represents

a slice of time space the moment frozen in a

magnificent slow-turn toward reality


It is not now that we worry about, it is what we

can’t see hear feel…know…so we wonder plan

plan plan all derived designed toward creating

something that doesn’t exist (but nothing really

does)  that provides a guarantee a promise, a

predictable end to a (too well known) beginning


It is not anything that we don’t make an agreement

toward, a flash frozen idea of what is now when now

is past gone a faint stain in passing a small trail to

follow…it is who we are always always always when

we wake when we breathe when we live just by

believing that we are living.

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