this energy

its an energy, this flow this
movement beneath our skin
internal and frequent it
expands to the size of us no
matter the size of us…it fills
that envelope with a meaning
a motion a message that we
are living alive moving a long
slow arc across our personal
sky across the notion that we
are separate individual alone
(and we are) (and we aren’t) but
always who we are when we
are who we should be who the
energy creates us to be…creates
us today and the today that is
tomorrow and today again and
again…we feel the frequency the
modulation the hum behind our
eyes; it is us and it is them and
it is you and it is me and it is
everything but not something to
touch to taste to smell to hold it
is indivisible from matter from
time…and we can know it and
not know it and it is OK both ways
it is the same.

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