Lost in the Symphony

I see people everyday afraid, wary, untrusting
in themselves; making something else a proxy
their stand-in—a manifestation—of who they
are…thinking they cannot be who they are

Career booze TV stress sex…more and more a
façade, a veneer they show to the world; an
opaque coating across-over-covering feelings
regret shame fear neglect inferiority

They, without choice think and are pushed pulled
while imagining the world is something happening to
them…they are buffeted by winds they neither
control or know…they simply go where they go

I see them but cannot tell them, yes I can tell
them but it is not my voice my eyes my love
they hear see feel it is noise it is a background
hum lost in the symphony of living

I believe that sometimes you have to turn off the
symphony…to hear your instruments your voice
your song…I see people lost in their symphony
thinking knowing agreeing there is no off switch

I am not special wise better than anyone but I
know I trust I love I see myself (I try) with courage
with open eyes heart without filter I live my life
every day…I want to happen to life; planned

The fear I see in people is themselves of seeing
believing feeling hearing what they have to say
when what they have to say is about themselves
about what is behind the façade

I see people and I am sad that they cannot see
themselves anymore for the covering coating the
steel strong veneer stands between them and
living the life they have but can’t see

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