When We Write

When we write we want bold
strokes and long shadows
of impression of standing and
respect…we strive for that
indelible stain the mark that
never leaves, the line
from here to there when
there is forever and the end

When we write we search our
thoughts our heads for words
never said never mentioned
in passing…never lost on
uninterested audiences and
we find only what we’ve always
known even when we didn’t
know we knew

When we write we look in
places uncomfortable maybe
always inside always some-
where we didn’t want to look
before but it’s what we are,
(when we write) that is indivisible
from who we are when we
are who we want to be

When we write, simply in truth
and with an eye open toward
the future, and eye toward the
past…we can only really see
now, this moment this time we
are living in are breathing in
and out—we think, we think—
and we write anyway

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