It Is Not Knowing

It’s easy to say that love is everything that love
is underneath the energy that we are that fuels
and moves us through life…it is easy and it is

Not wrong in the sense that there is a judge jury
presiding deciding watching waiting, a slow cloud
of doubt sitting on shoulders of shame and

Wrong in the way that it’s said felt expressed
while the meaning lay plain and clean in front of
us…saying it is everything implies that there is

When I was a child I watched raindrops fall into
puddles into despair as days morphed into weeks
into years while my sadness stretched to

A sadness for what I didn’t know, what I couldn’t
ever know, looking on a life laid out in a line
before me; with happy sad fun angry quiet loud

I didn’t…thought I couldn’t know love or the thing
that seemed to be love when it was never a matter
of knowing dreaming seeing believing having or

When I touch-feel-see-hear-have-own-call-like-
predict-mention-imagine-doubt-kick-spit and smile
I am love

It is not

It is

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