Hello punk

In the time since they knew, since they
arrived at said conclusion and announced
their intention, the notice given loudly was
nothing if not notorious…so they thought

They stood apart from us, they watched and
followed, they regained the knowledge thought
lost all the while the colors became little
else but shadows spoiling the sight line

It was Johnny this and Johnny that, all names
before the band, before the assault as we
wondered when the Calvary, when the
established and noble would rise and respond

Emotion became legend became meaning
became reason…a headlong run toward the
slice me sized edge of the stage, toward the
mention as a side note on the radio

Speaking of speaking; video did kill but it was
common sense, commonality that rose when
the weight of popular music made itself fall, when
balls-out thrashing was the latest love song

All of the beautiful colors are very meaningful
now that is, not back when black and white were
the new rainbow, the new mostly used chromed
spiked black leather fuck you rainbow

We thank the ones who broke the doors who
smashed the mirrors who rammed chaos down
our throats; today cannot exist without yesterday
like an echo cannot exist without first speaking

Hello punk goodbye

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