It Never Does By Itself

There are so many lost, so many
broken a little, wanting what they see
but can’t reach, they can’t understand
their own limitations…they wonder
and wander across ideas across their
own stark landscapes created out of
need unfulfilled, dreams left unattended
they cry in the darkness of their lives
waiting for something to happen, but

It never does
by itself

There are so many feeling empty feeling
an iron to magnet attraction…a drive to
feel loved be loved give love have love
as a characteristic of who they are when
who they are has never seen felt had
love had the idea that they are able are
deserving for what they want so badly so
intrinsically feel should be a part of
something in them spontaneously, and

It never does
by itself

There are so many thinking that what
they know is enough/is all/is what they are
allowed when what they allowed is nothing
less than what we all have…dreams feeling
heart soul…the ever present knowledge
knowing believing that learning never stops
never pauses never relieves us of the
responsibility to own our own lives, to
decide direction…because

It never does
by itself

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