There is You

There’s no need to be afraid, feel stupid
less or nothing in the shadows…there’s
nobody taller faster smarter when you
dismiss judgment from the table the room
from the palette of available colors

There is you

There’s no one on the other side of the
equation, nobody watching waiting for you
to fail fall die…it’s a mirror a reflection
selection made by trial and error (by the
way) you realize you’re not wrong

There is you

There’s not an end not a beginning…not
a middle that exists other than what is believed
seen felt inside regardless the TV the papers
the nightly news telling stories of sadness of
madness of everything that is outside

There is you

There’s not a sound that can hurt that can
mark the spot where what you want is
separate from what you need from who you
are…from all the things that terrify that scare
that are created completely within

There is you

There’s nothing stronger longer faster
fuller than an idea set standard…installed
and running…moving you toward the push
forward believing toward achieving toward
forgetting you can’t you won’t or wouldn’t

There is you

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