nothing less than us

it is a small convenience, this
viewpoint this introspection, this
simple selection narrow perception
that allows us to know what is missing
…experience with unfeeling latitude
all the rigors of learning without the
benefits of feeling living breathing; it’s
all we do I think, well…we think with
closed minds closed hearts, we allow
the shiny hard shell to converge to
coalesce around us to create that
distance that miles wide chasm of
indifference as we think about a place,
the place, we sit at stand on/live in
without consequence connection
without emotion…growing slowly ever
slowly never creating consistency
between us…in that chasm of empty
grayness…we watch
helpless the days
extend and pass and months and years
fly with mutually offended sensibilities
all gathered on sheets of vellum…written
words of sadly stained beauty that we
can’t know even when we know that what
we are missing is nothing less than us, 
the inside seen from the outside…seen
through eyes not ours…seen through the
dismissed notion that people matter that
ideas have weight that I am dependent
on and wholly and universally derived
from you and you and you and…I am
contrived to be a single part in a trillion
billion hundred thousand…one…moving
on pathways created by the searing
heat of consciousness, following the
motive energy of love toward the end of
a long and lustrous dream


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