Never Perfect Right and Ever

It is a difficult impossible
demanding thing, this
honesty this reality bridging
across people, from me
to her/her to me when
it’s clear & bright; a crystal
day of awakening—of
moments reflective
movements toward truth
toward realization and
acceptance when what we
want are two separate
vectors of energy of focus
and attention…a future not
to be shared—found recent,
uncovered in thinking feeling
having the minute second to
look inside and realize…
separate then from now
from tomorrow when the
pressure of understanding
lifts, unveils a meaning
thought lost thought missing
thought impossible…a knowing
that was heretofore unknown
never meaning to hurt to
harm to destabilize and cause
pain; simply a byproduct of trying
of tasting before eating…reading
labels aren’t enough to create
that idea of what it is when
what it is, is not what we imagine
want feel while we learn to
live love and accept that it will
never be perfect, right always
and ever.

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