From and Toward the Truth We Know

We are all moving toward and
away…truth…and the falsity of
life of living with eyes that might
be closed, with arms at our sides
we don’t know what is in front
behind within but we go

How many things don’t we know
don’t we feel, that exist nonetheless
apparent not to us but reality eyes
daily…a mixture of solidity and
conformity, a monument to the idea;
unaware but we know

Momentum carries us past our own
stupidity into realms of discovery, not
planned sought searched for; we
find ourselves in spite of ourselves
all the while pretending a life of
happiness evolves slow

Amazing as it is, these ideas these
minutes of madness, these insights all
tied to the motion of simple lives, we
are nothing but energy, dark matter
waves of conscious devotion to being
alive, but it’s just flow

We see the stream, feel the pattern
of volume, push of time against
a feeling reluctantly accepted…so
we wait for anything; looking for
the movement of a single molecule
toward the truth we know

There is no truth in the sense that it
is man made, a construct; morality as
matter we create the contrast in order
to see…we divide in order to later
reconstruct with congratulations on
our roles in this well played show

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