Hello Good Morning

She sings the body golden, weeping as remorseful
tides return with an artificial swagger, her sigh felt
more than heard; an inky night fades into a sad
melody of crimson and the deepest of deep blues

Hello good morning; the sun breaks the sliver of the
horizon, our spinning piece of reality makes no sense
to her as we think ourselves masters and mortal gods
like we’re anything but chemicals and energy

She flies her way into the day breaking silent
and shining on seas on sands on moments that
man might term glory, might hail as god creating the
day again and again and again

She sends her message with clear conviction with
bright symbolism with nothing less than the idea that
her intrinsic light is more than the sum of itself plus what
we imagine it to be

She powers the moment and provides the motivation
feeding 7 billion souls all scrambling in the dirt of
misunderstanding and confusion…all striving to gain
what they fear they will lose

She rises in our imaginations only as she never strays
from her cosmic vantage point, her role embedded in
the depths of an emptiness completely beyond our
simple human measure

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