…and wonder aloud

I stole their lies, painted
the sky with dreams, I
reached for the soul of
who I thought I should be

She watched as I fell from
the vantage point I had
created…a sad motion
toward understanding

I willed myself to become
the lie, the thought, the
painted dream…but falling
left me empty and here

She reached out for my
cold skin, my love lay broken
next to me…she only saw
me with my sadness

I cajoled my soul to stop
convinced that the lies were
true…I laughed at the
sky and it’s colors

She ignored what couldn’t be 
seen, felt her way toward the
dream, the ground next to
me caught her fall

I forgave myself the theft, gave
back the idea and released the
sky to unfold, to grow back to
its original blue

She lay next to me, an eye
toward a future; bereft of
dreams, consisting of me and
the space reserved for her

I could only watch and plan
the next theft…and wonder
aloud, if tomorrow is tied
down tightly.

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