Predicting Yesterday

Consciousness evolved to
keep us alive keep us moving
keep us imaging the next step;
next thing…the next road to
take on our journey to jury-
rigged dominance to
Armageddon to the end
of us as we know us…all the
while thinking how smart how
much better higher evolved
we have grown

Observation creates sensation
building a future view 
predictions to be recorded
defined put away a place
to be saved to be retrieved
on second thought the
ability of living today within
the perspective of tomorrow
that is wholly imagined
yesterday…welcome to being

That predictive ability, that
guessing game which pushed
forced allowed us to be the
apex of the pyramid, the pin
sharp top of the food chain
we are able to plan scheme
bully and beg today for the
world we require tomorrow,
knowing nothing more than
what we did

Consciousness allows us
pushes forces us to excel at
predicting what we already
know; yesterday…when what
we know is just an echo of what
we knew…and the yesterday
after is the same with a flaw
with a moment lost on nobody’s
notice but to feel sense…know
that the end is inevitable and
is tomorrow

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