I stumbled through the days leading
up to this minute moment time in my
life while looking hiding seeing nothing
but what I imagined felt like seeing

I created scenarios wrote stories led
a dream walking forever asleep life of
mere existence of simple breathing
walking never waking day after day

This day this moment time in my
laughter crying living life I see nothing
but what I am and never was and I think
think again until it becomes who I am

There is no loss as it never was it
never could be it was always a dream a
vision seeing nothing but that shadow
falling in front heading toward tomorrow

Who I am will be could be walking no
running toward that tomorrow is nothing
but impulse electrical synapse sparking
tiny little chemical explosions

My brain envelopes the idea that I am
someone something solid real living
on dirt on a planet circling a sun; an
idea shared by 7 billion other brains

I am the difference I make myself; not
ever knowing otherwise… seeing the
glowing inside obscured by the outside
of a growing confidence

I stumbled I fell I woke up

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