To Be Clean Again

Where we lost our innocence
whether a roadside bomb…a
paddy in Vietnam, a ghetto in
Warsaw…Gettysburg in the fall
on oceans with cannon…fields
with arrows, between two men
hand to hand, we lost what we
had, we had the choice when
the choice was not life, was not
peace and sustenance…we lost

So innocence is gone but has
been for years eons forever we
admit that we dream that we wish
that we think of innocence…to be
clean again to be who we never
were thinking of people that never
existed…we want the idea the
feeling that we are above above the
fray…we were never but our
dreams tell us different

Finding our way back is not
enough not nearly enough or
possible but we try we have religion
we create a past and a future with
magic and hope we look longingly
at ourselves as if we can be
different we laugh at death whistle
past graveyards…we put the dead in
the ground in our rearview in the
past; we prefer knowing an ever-after
better than a now

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