Her Sense On Me

Her sense is on me, in,
around me and I am
burning; a cold blaze
of the empty space
where she stood…her
lips hovered, hesitated
briefly touched mine
and went away

Her sense is inside my
ideas, my thoughts are
lost, stragglers on a
path toward knowing
toward replacing that
empty space with her
face, her eyes, her lips
again and again

He sense bewitched me
bewitches me, a careless
spell casually left on my
skin, on my thoughts, a
warm shadow, a duvet
filled with her, with the
idea of her…covering
me, over and over

Her sense lay in layers
like smoke in the room,
like misty stripes swirling
eddies of slow smiles of
warmth and eternity…she
stood…her lips hovered,
hesitated…briefly touched
mine and went away

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