Ignore to Learn

Ignore your voice listen
to the sound…listen to
the vibration the meaning
inside, inside the moment
the words left on tongue
on skin—on and on—they 
echo in the splinter of
time between today and
tomorrow all the way toward
a thing a time a place to
feel who you are who you
will know when you are who
you want love cherish hold
and be…ignore your sight
watch that piece of time you
live in slowly bend across
the horizon softly slipping by
sliding into nothing; feel
the effort the movement in
that long arc as it caresses
the idea that there is a
beginning, an end, anything
real at all other than what we
believe….ignore the touch, an
sense of impending friction…
a singular pressure; a sliding,
again and again, realization
that what you know, who you
are where you should be…is
only where-who-why you think
in that splinter, that split-second
that you exist that you breathe
the air of knowing…of learning.

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