Filling In From The Edges

He said “It’s a huge empty
chasm between you and I” 
“You said that with a “cha”
sound, like in Chuck, chip
or chaps…it’s a “ka” sound
though, like camp or cat…”
she said looking earnest. 
He looked at her with tired
eyes, with a nod he kind of
agreed and knew that she
would never understand. 
“I didn’t need direct evidence…
but thanks.”  She watched
him and smiled with her eyes
her mouth her lips she ran
a finger across his arm,
tracing a line into circles, to
infinite loops of daydreams
of knowing…she looked
over the edge and down, the
emptiness of the chasm filling
in from the edges, the middle
gaining ground…”It’s only
empty of the things you know
about.” she said finally “it’s
filled to the rim with the things
you don’t.”  His thoughts sat
down all at once and gathered
themselves…agreeing that
she was probably right. 

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