lost thoughts

She walks in the haze of my remembering
feeling and re-feeling…the continuous
motion of thoughts unrequited, she loses
me in the thread of a conversation long
gone many days ago, miles and miles…
too far for me to find except when I feel for
it, when it is a frequency inside, a moment
resonating from a passing shadow, from
a mark left by her on my skin, on my life

She walks and I am watching, sad and
still, a notion rises within me and I look past
her…past the place where her feet are now
step by step I imagine the next and the next
and they are farther than the last and still
away from me, away from my idea of her, the
thing inside I think when I think of her…but
she doesn’t leave, it just feels that way
every time she walks around my life

She walks again but I don’t think it’s goodbye
the store, some bread, fruit…but it still feels
that way, again and again, my internal clock
ticking over another minute hour day year as
she walks and walks…me watching, waiting but
content I think…I love her want to love her feel
it inside and she is happy wants to be happy
like me but that is what it is, she should be
happy, she should be in my life.

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