It was unexpected, sudden
and eventual…it was the far
end of the orbit; the closest, 
the perigee…vibrating a
frequency/singing an
internal song felt external
projected/played across mind
skin lips heart; it was
life and love coming from
an angle from a place,
from a moment forgotten or 
never regarded.

The heart as epicenter
as focus as target…
moving moving
moving; how
ever did it get hit?

He was less than impressed
with his own idea of the
moment, his own reaction
to the movement of his reality
from there to here then
to now he could only see
as far as his shadow his
idea of where in the
universe he stood…
the spot under
his toe that the
shadow grew and
stretched into tomorrow

The heart as bystander
as muted as ignored…
waiting waiting 
waiting; how
long will it stay?

He embraced what he could
understand, watched what
he couldn’t ever know
fall away into a time not
found on the clock, not
found in his heart
just not found but
love—the thing that warms
that sustains that
lengthens and livens—is
always always only
based on what is
embraced, not
what isn’t found

The heart as receiver
as magnet as vacuum…
pulling pulling
pulling; how
could anything miss?

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