skin, soul, touch

The length of her body, set
and aligned to parallel, to
the idea of friction and
inertia, movement toward
the smooth animation of ‘yes’
of knowing and wanting
needing agreeing with
fingers and tongue, lips and
eyes that a precept of
tomorrow is to understand
and embrace the epitome
of today

What would I give up, what
would I forgo, would I lose
willingly let fall away let
disintegrate rust dissolve
into the nothing it came from
…to have her here with me
again and again, beside me
a part indivisible, a moment
attached warm under white
linen, under her flesh and
her soul

I know because of knowing
experiencing, having and
think what, who, where if
not her, if without her I
dreamt, wanted, thought
and discovered…would
the same song be playing,
an echo of sorrow, a
place missed without first
visited; would I feel loss
looking at a future without
her skin, soul, touch.

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