The Hole

I just found the hole in us
where our love leaked out
where the container we
thought was forever was
secure was solid and
complete was not anything
but an idea wish dream
that we put together in a
second a flash of wanting
needing each other while
ignoring the daily evidence
that the pressure of living
being having our spheres
mingle touch rotate and
orbit within and inside the
envelope box package
we call ourselves, the list
of strengths and defects,
the listing of who’s and
what’s…it is an erosion
force; small grindings, tiny
movements molecular level
irritations that occur
constantly without that
tensile strength structure,
made and created with
thought and feeling…the
corners crumble, the seams
weaken and an atomic bond
lets loose, another another
another and then, its a hole
where love drips out, slowly
slowly slowly never noticed
seen felt dreamed until it
is gone.

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