I am we are temporary

I am we are the amalgamation of everything
I have we have
and it culminates in this moment, this exact
precise nanosecond which—when I we put
it against the light for comparison—tells me
us the inescapable conclusion reality state is
I am we are

I am we are happy and I am we are sad and
I am we are full of all of this and the emptiness
of it as I we live…I am we are nothing but more
than that and more than this, knowing
it is true and a lie and yes and no 
I am we are

Odd feeling…300 feet in the air, laying
naked on a bed, grey linen, Manhattan in a
grey sky through floor to ceiling glass, I
watch myself breath beat perspire aspire to
better things…a few years ago I would be
levitating and not knowing
I am we are

That process journey path toward awareness
of my our instantaneousness, my our strobe
flash across darkened space was unkind was
forceful strident and completely thoughtless
it neither knew or cared or could imagine
me us any other way and told me us
I am we are

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