I want you to know
that I don’t ever want
to be the sad the shallow
the negative image, the
opposite of believing…
I want to know and know
well deeply completely
of love the force the
dream the reality that
lay like air…a shadow of
the cold snow just
another winter across 
shoulders minds and
waiting for you I want to 
know that the beginning
is nearer than the end
…or not…but I want what
I want and thinking feeling
having aside I want to be
the being, see the seeing,
have the having with you
in you around you I want
all that I can never have
and have what I never
want with you with you
with you I want to love
and be loved but wanting
isn’t enough, I know I
know and am happy to
know that wanting is never
enough…that being is
all that is required and
being with you around
you…in you is all that
I want

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