she is

She walks in summer in the
sweeping cold of December
she feels sun breeze the soft
touch of warm sea on skin on
the edge of the moment she
is summer in her bones her
eyes see nothing but the July
sky small stars and big ideas

She is, she was

She grabs dreams from inner
hours minutes seconds as we
live in cold daylight, in frigid
spaces between what we think
and what we want when we
want nothing that we have
now…she wants all that she
ever has…always in summer

She is, she was

She waits while living while
time slides past on oiled skin in
her mind the sun never sets
always on the horizon, on her
mind in December in the cold
of living she knows, she knows
what she has inside, a moment
held by soft determination

She is, she was

She sings the song of forever
of white sand and touching skin 
touching a blue blue sky as it 
bends down to kiss to hold to
caress to create the moment
held so close so ardently hers
she knows the hard edge of
December and…

…she is, she was…

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