The Tomorrow We Won’t Look At

This sinking feeling, this slowly
ebbing, further delay, this moment
creeping slowly, falling through
cracks down backs, this chill is
tomorrow under our skin

Fear of what’s next what’s best
what’s less, we can’t decide, we
hide we fall all over ourselves to
escape, to delay and nothing is
left but waiting

Today we breathe, we see, we
believe that now is the best, the
rest…the rest is gone and left us
feeling, reeling, looking for
tomorrow in dark places

Us, society, us and you and me
we see, we think we see but our
eyes closed we walk over cliffs
into walls, life stalls, we ignore calls;
a tomorrow that knows us well

We know this, this pain of knowing
showing, growing sad and tired
knowing that tomorrow is nothing
less than today but stopping is
not an option for us

Today will bleed into tomorrow
inevitable, predictable, while walking
talking, we look only at each other
while time spins the sun
again and again

Into the tomorrow we won’t look at

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