holding, holding

we are choosing, breathing
being what we believe we
are if, and always if, we know
to believe and that is in doubt
in case, in time we drift toward
where we’ll end up…but only
when we stop holding onto
things that should be let go of
…where we end may be
diametric to where we start
standing, watching from the
other side, we have ideas
feelings sinking sliding feelings
unaligned to who we are where
we are what we are, all left to
devices inside ourselves, inside
plans of power and corruption
we wish we wish as our mundane
world seeps past thresholds
past milestones past moments
we desire cherish hold hold
hold to chests to the light we
attempt to look through ourselves
with the hope that we can’t, we
can’t see the seams holes
missing areas of wholeness
of solid structure where our
good parts leak out, where
our good parts leak out, we try
and hold on choosing, breathing
holding, holding…it is where we
started, where we end.

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