The Third Party

Regardless of being a Republican or a Democrat, a Libertarian, Independent or a communist, let me ask you something simple. Do you think that when you do something for someone, above and beyond just being civil and helpful, you should be rewarded? Really, it’s a serious question. Do you think that when you expend effort (that you could be using for yourself) to make that widget or write that report or teach that kid or fix that car…do you think that your effort is worth something?


Yes? I think you’re likely saying yes (unless you’re independently wealthy or homeless) because you have a job and a job is all about you trading your time and effort to someone and in return they give you money. Plain and simple. Regardless what you actually do, that is what happens. How much money you get for your effort is all about what someone wants to give you (and how you can convince them to give you more) because they *own* the money therefore they get to decide what to do with it. Just like with the money that you own…you get to decide what to do with it because it’s yours…no other reason is needed, correct?


But…that’s not exactly true, is it? You don’t actually get to decide what to do with the all of the money that someone wants to give you because before you get it, someone else, a third party, takes a chunk of it from you…and gives it to someone else. Wow, that seems a bit unfair…after all you worked hard and it was a fair trade (well, as fair as you think it could be…or could negotiate) yet you have no choice who gets that missing chunk of your money. And make no mistake, it is your money…you traded your time and effort for it, no one else’s…yours.


As it turns out, that third party who’s been taking the money from you takes money from a lot of other people…people just like you. And they give it to people who have not worked hard and traded their time and effort…people you might not like or agree with their lifestyle but, you have no choice. That third party basically *makes you* (they have guns and will lock you in a box if you don’t do what they say) give your property to someone who you would never know, would never invite over for a beer at a barbeque…who you would never, ever imagine being friends with. People who will not trade their own time and effort to anyone yet will compete with you for the things that you need in your life. Things that the third party supplies like roads, school classrooms, someone to put out a fire at your house…someone to protect you from evil…


These people who do not work hard like you get the same things from the third party that you do, so, in effect they get for free what you have to pay for. This means that the money you’ve traded your time and efforts for has less value because you have to use some of it to pay for services others get for free. You have no choice. Effectively, the third party decides how much your time and effort is worth and how much of that worth you ever see.


So let me ask the question again; do you think your time and effort is worth something?

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