Without Mirror

A mirror brings together
the light reflecting
a life selecting, collecting
what we see when
we *only* see


A mirror cannot show us
the unsuspecting
a non-detecting, connecting
pane of silvered glass
is all it can be


Sad that some people only see with their eyes
with a truthful soul you can gaze into infinity
let love become the knife that cuts the disguise
and allow you to truly see your own divinity


The razor edge of love, for yourself, for others
slices falsehood and despair from bones of fear
leaves what is left, as it strips and uncovers
an image no mirror can make as clear


Understand the mirror
as it is unrelenting
always repenting, unaccepting
devoid of anything
that can’t be seen


Embrace the mirror
as a single perspective
reflective and selective
knowing there’s never any you
hiding under that sheen


Mirrors show the complicated masks we wear
designed by hatred and loathing for who we are
love is the uncovering of all that is ever there
a beautiful and perfect soul, a gleaming shining star


Beauty can never be the choice of the mirror
it can only be the choice of those who stare
it can be weighed down by our own dark fear
or raised by a soul that love has laid bare


Embrace yourself
as a beautiful reflection
your selection, connection
without mirror
without fear

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