Insects and Giants

In society, we fight—loudly, viciously, brutally—over tiny, irrelevant details because we are in mortal terror of looking at actual issues, fearing the unsolvable monsters we truly believe them to be. In our deep fear, we devote our most precious energies and time toward fighting with each other and proving—again and again—only that we are human; imperfect, flawed and fallible. This waste, this astonishing waste of our resources only serves to define us as scrabbling insects—fighting over scraps of garbage at the feet of giants—and not the giants themselves, able to capture and hold the universe in their hands.

To rise above the inexorable pull of mediocrity in this rancorous world we have created and continue to perpetuate, we need only to get out of our own way; slip the bonds of self and embrace humankind—and by doing so, ourselves—with complete love and acceptance. It is only by losing who we believe we are and giving away our personal supremacy that we can regain the ultimate power and change this thinking that is guiding us toward a future almost unimaginable in its stark inability to enable and sustain joy and happiness.

We—you and I—can do this now, we need no one’s permission but our own and, once on that path toward awareness, we cannot do anything else but look at the actual issues through the lens of reality and see them for the drab, lifeless things they truly are…not the monsters they have always been…and solve them.

Believe. Go. Do.


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