she lives inside a dream

A quiet moment watching
sliding time so careful, so
hesitant so almost
motionless, she lives inside
a dream, a solitary flash, a
missed opportunity, she
is and isn’t everything I see
on white linen, on her warm
brown skin, on the idea of
her and me and her mostly
I am happy, I am here fully
knowing, fully aware of
that skin, that moment…that
movement of eyelash of
finger tip lightly brushing,
of shadow silent and without
weight, she lives inside
a dream I know, am knowing,
looking into deep wells of
feeling of warmth and
acceptance, her eyes watch
my eyes and yes I know she
lives inside a dream, my
dream, my place, my moment
my waiting for opportunity
to awake and have her
here with weight and
knowing, shadow and space
…the dream released

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