What is courage?

I am tired of hearing how we all just need the courage to accept the universe and then we can live our lives in peace and harmony and be happy…wow, what utter bullshit. Listen to what I know is true; you do not need courage to live your life, you need courage to stop living the life prescribed by society. That life is designed to keep you quiet, to keep you mild and unable to disturb the balance of power…that life is designed to keep you ineffectual and inadequate so that those who know the truth are able to remain in control.

The “truth” is that life is yours by birthright and “life” means having opinions and believing in ideas and when faced with a dumb fuck, calling them a dumb fuck. Life is not about being right or wrong because we are all right and wrong, life is about standing for what you believe in—even if you are the only one—but being able to change your mind when new information arises. Life is about living, simply and fiercely, toward your personal dreams and ideals while letting everyone else do the same…on their terms in and their time…

What is courage? Courage is standing on the edge of an unknown abyss—a job offer, going back to school, falling in love—and just taking that step forward…

Believe. Go. Do.


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