In Context

We sit at the table of humanity
pushing things back and forth
what I should have, what you
should have, the good wants
to stay with me, the bad I push
toward you…back and forth
…and I think, is this right? Is this
the way we should live, always
pushing and pulling, pretending
to share, looking very much like
we’re connected, like we’re in
this together but it’s just that
we’re nearby, in context…we’re
just passing each other…and I
continue to think that maybe,
maybe this is OK, that just being
nearby, in context, is enough
that it’s who we will always be
because love is the channel, the
conduit that when we pass, that
when we’re near, is the thing, the
reason why we’re at the table
in the first place…why we’re there
at all.

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