We Make It Real

Here’s something to think about; if you don’t believe that simply by believing you can do something, that it allows you to go and do it…if you don’t believe that the power of your mind far outweighs any barrier or obstacle in your way…then do a web search for images about the holocaust and you will find some black & white pictures showing men, women, boys and girls who are in the absolutely most heinous and evil place ever to be conceived on this planet.

They have suffered unimaginably and are so close to death they can smell it and feel it next to them, in fact they see it in the bodies they step over, sleep next to, are forced to carry out to mass graves and the more you look, the more you’ll find some incredible, amazing photos of smiles and laughter, of people enjoying each other’s company and feeling good about being around other humans…

…and if you still refuse to think that just by believing something, you can make it real…then …you never will.

Believe. Go. Do.


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