In Your Own Light

I could not see you, could
not feel your presence and
I thought; it is me, it is my
eyes, my senses that failed
that weren’t up to the task
or it was us or it was neither
but life instructing in it’s
way, in it’s wisdom, it was
directing and selecting and
correcting and it was right
after all…saying in absent
words and silent screams
that sometimes we can’t
see ourselves for we are
standing too close, to far
inside our own shadows,
in our own way with no room
to backup, to reverse…we
find it dark and hidden, this
thing we call us, ourselves,
you, me, we stumble walking
forward, we think many things
about who we are—and not
many very accurately—
because of the darkness, the
confusion from lack of
illumination but listen to
this, we can be our own
mirror, we can be our own
reflection…we will always
have our shadow but if we
see it for what it isn’t instead
of for what it is, if we not let
it block our line of sight…we
can use it to see our outline,
the movements of our arms,
our legs…our path forward
and we can complete who
we are, who we are meant to
be…life will instruct and we
will keep walking forward
and I will see you in your
own light.

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