Evil and Wrong

I was thinking about that story in the news about the Taliban shooting the 14 year old girl in Pakistan because she promoted education for girls. Someone posted it on FB and someone else said that you shouldn’t tar the whole bunch because of the actions of a few and I thought to myself, fuck that. Regardless of culture, regardless of religious upbringing and regardless of where, by the birth lottery, you happen to be born, there are things that are inherently right and there are things that are inherently wrong on this planet and it is our responsibility as thinking, feeling human beings to stand up to the bullshit of “cultural sensitivity” and point out these evil acts. Loudly and constantly.

Unfortunately, there is a rising chorus in this country about cultural sensitivity and the fact that we shouldn’t judge people who do obviously horrible things because that’s how their society or religion is organized and those unspeakably evil acts are what it allows and disallows it’s population to do. Again, fuck that. I don’t give a shit what god they believe in and what superstitious bullshit they were indoctrinated with, things like female genital mutilation, public square beheadings, honor killings, selling daughters to settle debts and blood feuds…and all the rest of the Neanderthal shit that is carried out in the name of anything, let alone religion…is just fucking wrong. Period. End of sentence.

I don’t have to recognize their right to follow their religion, their right to self-governance, their right to live within their cultural boundaries and whatever other bullshit rights they want to describe as a reason for killing, maiming, shuttering and repressing the weak and disempowered around them. I only have to recognize that what they are doing is blatantly and absolutely wrong and that they should be stopped from doing it again.

Does their religion preach that women are second class citizens without the inherent rights of males, that they are no more important than the goats and donkeys they own? Fuck them, their religion is wrong and they are wrong.

Does their society allow and, in fact, encourage them to settle arguments by killing those who have dishonored them, by stoning or beheading them in the streets. Fuck them, their society is wrong and they are wrong.

If they carry out these horrible, unspeakable acts, for whatever reason, then as a human being, born on this planet with the same inalienable rights and responsibilities as every other human, I judge them to be evil and wrong because what they do is nothing but evil and wrong.


End of sentence.

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