Fearing the Unknown

Humans fear the unknown, it is a protection mechanism that has allowed us to become the apex predator—the top of the food chain—by forcing us to predict dangerous conditions and create strategies for the avoidance, mitigation or elimination of that danger. Fear has also been the consistently single reason for why we, individually, do not reach our potential, for why we become emotionally damaged and, ultimately, for why we refuse to be allowed to love…and be loved.

Fear does not discriminate between what we perceive of the world and what we perceive of ourselves. If we see or feel something that is unknown, something never before encountered, then our first reaction is to fear it and try to predict it’s danger level. By doing so, we automatically make it dangerous (whatever it is; a thought, a feeling, something we see or hear) and define it that way forever. By it being dangerous, we are constantly required to fear it and the longer we fear something the more we resent having that fear. Eventually we become angry at the sheer weight of that resentment, in some cases so angry we attempt to rid ourselves of that fear, once and for all (technically that’s called suicide).

We will continue to fear until we confront whatever it was and honestly look to see if, indeed, it is still unknown to us. In virtually all cases, the thing we originally feared (whether it was a feeling or something out in the world) was when we had so much less information, when our ability to think was far more constrained. When we look at that fear today—when we know that we can look, that we can redefine it—we are able to supply the information required that removes the danger we’ve forever thought it represented. Once it’s danger is gone, the fear we had evaporates and whatever it was that it was stopping us from doing—talking to the opposite sex, starting our own business, liking the way we look—suddenly and almost magically we are able to do. Easily and without thought.

Know this; you are allowed, in fact you are required, to honestly examine your fears and you will see that what you once thought was so unexplainably dangerous has now become…just something…to be understood and dealt with, forever releasing you from its power.

Believe. Go. Do.


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