Yaaayyy Unions! Um, wait….

Now this I find odd…Democrats and other progressive liberals are usually (to a man/woman) all gung-ho for unions and union jobs which, if you think about it, is almost completely the opposite of what they should be for. When someone says YES to unions, they are saying NO to full employment for everyone. Think about it.

If you have union jobs they are typically at about a 20-40% premium and more expensive (higher hourly pay plus benefits, health care, pensions, etc.) which means that if a company has X amount of dollars that they can pay their workers and if they allow their workers to unionize, they will have to have 20-40% less workers. It is basic economic principles that states that if you have two items and one costs more than the other (all else being equal), fewer people are available to buy the more expensive one.

If you have 2 groups of workers, the same in all ways except one group demands union wages & benefits, the business will necessarily pick the non-union group because they might get 15 workers versus 10 or 12 union guys for the same cost. They will be efficiently using their capital…WHICH IS THEIR JOB…toward the benefit of the stakeholders (without whom no one has a job).

Now you may say “those cold hearted business fuckers don’t give a shit” and you may be right but they deal with reality which, it seems to me, Democrats and progressive liberals have a hard time accepting. More non-right to work states means fewer workers overall means high unemployment means more people getting entitlements and social safety-net benefits.

When someone says “Yaayyy unions!!” I hear “Fuck my neighbors, I got mine!”

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