Trevor’s Tuesday 5


Let me ask some very simple questions because the answers, the ones I have at least, have me entirely confused. Now I’m not looking for partisan support or am I trying to promote a philosophy, I’m just really flummoxed as to what all of this means.

1. About global warming, or climate change or whatever you call it (or don’t dependent on your world view)…why does everyone, anyone really, have such a solid belief in these predictions when the very same government and institutional entities cannot accurately tell us if it’s going to rain next weekend?

2. And about those predictions…so very ominous and accurate sounding…“they” say are based entirely on CO2 levels created by humans when there is direct evidence that in the years 800 to about 1200 AD, there was a warming period where northern hemisphere temps rose a couple of degrees (enough to reduce arctic ice to less than it is today and allow Vikings to travel much farther than was possible before) and we know that there was legible human caused CO2.

3. Why do people espouse a belief that government, through social programs paid for by taxes, can effectively solve the huge income disparity and poverty problems we have in this country when every single piece of objective evidence has shown, time and time again, that the government has never been successful with any national program it has undertaken. Not a single government program has ever accomplished it’s design goals using an original budget based on an original timeframe. Not one…yet this next one (or the next or the next…) will be successful?

4. Why do so many people believe that it’s extremely important to know how much the other guy makes? Do they really believe that their and everyone else’s compensation is based on some finite global money pie that if Joe Schmoe makes a few dollars more than them—i.e. gets a bigger piece of the pie—they are somehow being shortchanged?

5. Why do people look at their watches the very instant you tell them the time? Don’t they believe you? Also, why do people reach out to hold the handle of the door you are already holding open for them? Do they not trust you to keep it open?

So, yeah, these things are what I think about…woo woo, hello exciting big city life…

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