Peace please

Not that anyone really gives a shit what I think but I just say what I want anyway, eh? On the shootings today…I flipped off a quick and (what I thought was) humorous status update on Facebook today soon after it starting hitting the news. The fact is that we live in a strange society where violence is not ever funny…until it is…but in this case it’s likely too soon for humor so I sincerely apologize for the hip shot today.

Violence and guns in the US is a complicated, emotional laden subject that will take many years to be figured out, if ever, as it teeters between a personally perceived right, god given and inalienable and the equally important need to protect the innocent and those unable to protect themselves. A dead person is a dead person in my book—always a waste and a tragedy—but I certainly see the higher emotional impact that the death of children have on people so any kind of discussion might be counterproductive right now.

Suffice to say that we live in a relatively young society—which could be characterized as being it’s teen years—that has not yet gotten control of its impulse control and has yet to decide if short or long term needs are the priority…if, in fact, we can even define what a priority is…

…so, without a god to beg for existential relief for the parents and loved ones of those affected today, I will instead say this…I don’t know you but I am you, we are all you and together we share our humanity and our love…we can only hope for you, as we hope for ourselves, that you have peace in your time.

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