‎20 kids and 6 adults did not die yesterday because we don’t allow prayers in school. They did not die because we don’t pay teachers enough money. They didn’t die because the government is Democrat or Republican. They did not die because of or in spite of gun laws. They did not die because we did or didn’t do something.

20 kids and 6 adults died because one man killed them…regardless the weapon, he would have done so, (maybe less, maybe more would have died) because that’s what he thought was the thing to do.
He did not think the way you and I think and we cannot rationally explain why he thought the way he did. Something, mentally or physically, was different in his brain that made what he did OK for him to do it.

We can try to predict this kind of catastrophe in the future and attempt to look into other (perhaps all) people’s brains but we will never, ever be able to adequately know that other people have similar differences in their brains or thoughts.


Everything we are doing now; the talking, the heated discussions, the predictions, the blaming, the recriminations…they are all meaningless and utterly useless when looked at from the perspective of stopping things like this from occurring in the future. Guns. Knives. Poison. Carbon monoxide. Nuclear weapons. Fingers, hands and feet. These are simply tools. People, whose brains make killing another human OK, will do so regardless the ease of access to any of these tools. They will and have done so for thousands of years.

I am not saying that it is all useless so we should just give up. No. I am saying that we need to be honest and rational and admit that there will always be an element of society that does not think the way that the everyone else does. That thinks that it is OK to kill another human. We should erect barriers where we can and make it as hard as possible for these people to act on their thoughts, yes, but we cannot lock every single person in a room on the supposition that they “might” go off the rails one day.

We simply can’t.

We can love each other, we can show this and make this known every day to every person we meet and we can live our lives in the best way possible.

We can find peace again…as we have for thousands of years before…and will for thousands of years from now.

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