20 + 6 + 2

Our words, an abandoned beauty, a cruelty,
severe and unrestrained
beating senselessly on iron walls of silence
we seek redemption within them
for them, without them
we know why, yet can never say it in speech
in deed…our attention wavers, we forget
little by little, the torment, the agony, the
faint far-off beating of tender hearts
of the simple questions from a child’s lips
we segregate and divide in order to coalesce
in order to proceed, we look for rules broken
for errors, for things undone and in need
of doing…we can’t overlay rationality
atop that disintegrating mind, within that
crumbling façade we only see pain, theirs
ours, we hear silence like a weight, a black
and burning heaviness that seeps past
our walls, our predictions
we want and can’t have, we cry without
tears, we look and will never see
that which is on the wrong side of sight
what is within
we define where definition is meaningless
because we don’t need meaning
we need love and ultimately kindness
to clearly know that the act, the destruction
was us and us again and again
defining a world with bits and pieces of
pain, of ugly notoriety, of sensationalist
acclaim…where once it was the defacement
of a single life it is now the collection
of other lives, 20 + 6 + 2, unasked and taken
past iron walls, weighed down by burning
blackness…we supplied the weapon…we
wrote the script
we are always to blame.

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