A Love Problem

I think it is time for us all to be honest and admit that the United States is a singularly violent country. Much more so than other countries and we are for many reasons…it’s like violence is a hum in the background that no one remembers hearing but that everyone is affected by. Think about it…we were born in violence as we broke away from Britain, we wrested the land violently away from its former inhabitants, we split ourselves in two and violently fought a civil war, we encouraged violence by opening up the west at the point of the barrel of a gun and, ultimately, we enshrined in our most revered document the right for us to own violent weapons regardless having any reason for doing so.

Add to that white noise-level of violence in our history the fact that we also devalue individuals by demonizing their mental health problems and ostracize them throughout their lives, is it any wonder why the Sandy Hooks, the Columbine and Aurora Colorado’s and the Virginia Tech’s happen. Lots of places on this planet have guns freely available to their citizens but we seem to be the one that utilizes them the most frequently to destroy large amounts of other citizens.

I don’t think we have a gun problem…I think we have a violence problem…and to counter that, you need to supersede that violence with something stronger.


If we gave a loaded gun to every able-bodied person in this country yet consistently practiced compassionate love with and among our fellow citizens, there would be no violence, there would be no Sandy Hook’s. We would know when one of us was hurting and when the structures of their mind were faltering…we would know because we would care to know…

…simply because that is what we do.

Believe. Go. Do.


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