The Best Politician’s 10 Commandments

OK, I’m an agitator, a miscreant, I get that, I like that about me so don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. On that note, I don’t actually think this is agitprop per se, just a little Imagineering…but these 10 commandments are what I think our politicians should stand for and do. Um, and no, I don’t really think that there are any politicians who have the balls to really follow this.

1. Do not let the government spend more money than we have coming in from taxes…peg the spend rate at 90% (maximum) of projected income. Use the remaining 10% to pay down total US debt.

2. Tax everyone at the same rate; 10% of their total earnings per year, regardless the income source. That is the total tax code right there…no deductions, no credits, no carve outs or kickbacks.

3. Do not make any laws that you or any other politician are not subject to as well.

4. Do not “invest” in anything (i.e. green energy, sugar subsidies, biofuels, high speed rail, etc.), you are the government, you have an unfair advantage therefore anything you invest in, you are dooming the competition and making things more expensive for us citizens.

5. Trust your citizens to do the right thing themselves so get out of the morality business. Repeal current laws and make no new laws that govern people’s choices for what they do or don’t do with or to their own bodies as long as those choices do not intrude or infringe upon the rights of others. This means abortion, same sex marriage, marijuana, guns, etc. If citizens make mistakes or bad choices then so be it…we actually don’t need idiots in the gene pool.

6. Strengthen the military to equal current and future threats to the safety of America and pull all US troops from foreign bases and countries. If other countries ask for our help and protection, charge them a reasonable amount for the service (i.e. cost plus a risk premium).

7. Outlaw public unions. If unions can convince the private sector that they are a good investment, that is fine but public unions are destroying our cities and making it increasingly difficult for our government to perform basic services.

8. Reorganize education by mandating a minimum wage for all K-12 teachers of 50% of the area’s median income plus 20% (and allow merit based bonuses for outstanding teachers).

9. Disallow tenure programs in state colleges and mandate a minimum wage for all professors of 50% of the area’s median income plus 30% (and allow merit based bonuses for outstanding teachers). Make state college education tuition free for all in-state students and index the total cost of running each institution to a per “passing grade” student.

10. Make the basis of any proposed law the actual harm to an individual or class of individuals in relation to their constitutional rights. Nothing else qualifies as a law.

I’m interested to hear responses on this…

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