The 10 General Rules of a Happy and Successful Life

1. There are no general rules to being happy and successful

2. When you get advice from others, mentally subtract all of that person from the words they are speaking or have written.

3. If what you end up with is nothing, stop listening to or reading anything by that person.

4. Empirically validate the things you believe about yourself, your family, friends and the world around you.

5. Immediately eliminate any idea, feeling, concept, description or image that resists validation.

6. Do not continue to remake past decisions, it was the only decision you could make based on the knowledge and experience you had at that point in time.

7. Do not wish for the future to be different without actually having to change yourself…hope is not a strategy.

8. Accept yourself without reservation as being the best “you” that you can be…at this moment.

9. Know that you inherently have the power and can change anything about yourself.

10. Pick a direction, idea or dream, focus on the goals and objectives required to succeed, take the first step forward and kick it’s fucking ass.


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