To Capture Divinity

A vast membrane
stretched across time
space and ourselves we
live below the line
hiding in gravity wells
unseeing we travel
unfeeling we live…
stretching toward
tomorrow but we
cannot know it’s effect
reaching up, past the
thin sheet above, we
feel for the infinite
pray for the unknown
a solution to an
understood emptiness
our souls balloon
outward toward what
is not us, looking
to capture divinity, to
touch god…we meet
near the middle but
feel lost, find nothing,
trust in dreams, we
flip switches and relays
attempting to replace
the myths we’ve
destroyed with our eyes
our ears, lips and fingers
satisfied with the empty
other side, we repeat
our creation, again and
again and again…
moving forward, poking
the stretched truth
reaching out for that
we cannot know
but will feel, with mind
with heart

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