Imagine you’re a small creature on a planet circling a star a billion light years from earth. You might be breathing methane, or chlorine or oxygen and it might be -200 degrees below zero…or it might be a blazing 250 above. You scrape at the ground, looking for food, thinking of your family back in the burrow…and at that precise moment, a small planet a billion light years away suddenly ceases to exist. The almost 7 billion people on it all gone in an instant. The billions and billions of animals and insects, trees, bushes, grasses…all gone. Do you know? Does it have any effect on your life, your need to find food…to protect your family? Does reality change for you, that small creature?

Now think the opposite, that you are you looking in the night sky wondering what is out there, what beings exist on other planets, in other places. Would you know or care that millions of planets disappear every day, every hour, with possibly billions and billions of thinking, feeling beings disappearing with them? Does your reality change?

Us humans get so caught up believing things about the universe and reality that don’t exist because we are able to think and question the environment around us. Things and ideas that have no evidence to support them, that have no actualities behind their concepts, we readily accept as truth…as fact. Growing up as the apex predator on this planet we believed (and sadly still believe) in supernatural beings, gods and demons, because in our simple minds it made sense. As we were to animals, someone must be to us…gods, a creator, someone causing the storms, the droughts, the good, the bad. A divine being that made us humans and is responsible for our existence, our everyday lives…

…yet that small creature on that distant planet knows nothing of our gods, nothing of a supreme being focused solely on us humans and the singular and central place we believe we hold in the universe. When this planet blinks out of existence, and it will one day, that small creature will still know nothing about us…and neither will reality nor the universe itself.

What we do have, what makes us unique amongst the species around us on this small insignificant planet is that we can touch, feel and experience love. That is what we should be doing…everyday…to everyone around us…
…and most importantly, to ourselves.

Believe. Go. Do.


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